Thursday, June 28, 2012


I'm currently suffering an acute case of homesickness.
 I miss all my friends back east.
 I miss the cool breezes of New Hampshire, the hill where my church is.
The river across the many memories there.
 And how is Maggie doing?
My house.
My home.
What is Marcia doing this week?
I miss knowing her cheery presence is across the street, most likely scheming up some good deed.
I miss my life in New England.
I don't understand why I'm here in Michigan.
But God wants me here.
 Here where I know all of three families, and one is moving soon.
 Here where I have no clue about anything about my neighbors (except the fact that their children play outside my window 'til 10:00pm).
 Here where I don't feel at home.
I guess this is good training for my year abroad.
 Trusting God.
Even when I don't understand.
Even when I'm homesick.

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